About Saad Medical

Saad Specialist Hospital is a private tertiary care and referral healthcare facility, located in Al-Khobar in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Since its first patient was admitted in 2001, Saad Hospital has grown to become a leader in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. For more information on the broad range of accreditations achieved by the Hospital, please visit  the accreditations page.

Staff and Technology:

Saad Specialist Hospital is a patient-centered facility that is driven by a pursuit of excellence at every level. SSH’s investment in its staff and their training, as well as in the most state-of-the-art technology, is unmatched and reflects the organization’s wider approach to healthcare.

The Hospital employs nearly 5,000 highly skilled people. It views the diversity of its workforce as a source of great strength: 19% of employees are Saudi Arabs, while the remainder is an expatriate workforce drawn from 39 countries across the globe. Almost half of the 440 medical staff have been trained in the West and are US, Canadian or European board certified – a far greater ratio than any other private healthcare facility in the region.

Active training programs and continuing medical education accredited by the Saudi Health Council (SHC) are made available through the Saad Training Institute, while the newly opened Saad College of Nursing has enrolled its first wave of Saudi students.

The Hospital’s approach to technology and facilities is similarly focused on constant improvement and adherence to exceeding worldwide medical standards. To meet the needs of both its patients and staff, the Hospital is committed to continually evaluating and acquiring the most advanced equipment available. Skills and Technology Overview page


The Hospital’s primary market is the three and a half million residents of Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province and Bahrain. However, the Hospital’s standing in the wider region means that its secondary market – the remainder of the GCC – is becoming ever more important.

Recent developments in the growth of the regional private insurance industry have affected Saad Specialist Hospital’s own approach. Recognizing the growing prevalence of insurance – Saudi citizens working in the private sector will be required to have cover by 2010 – Saad Specialist Hospital has entered into dialogue with a number of companies as it looks to ready itself for this expected market development. It is well placed to take advantage of any future change.