Working at Saad 

From its inception, Saad Specialist Hospital has endeavored to fulfill its mission to raise the standard of healthcare within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and in the Middle East. Given the challenge of such a vision, the Hospital’s primary goal has always been to attract, motivate and retain the very best employees at every level. The prevalence of committed leaders, technical experts, and experienced service staff throughout the organization is testament to the success of this strategy, which is ongoing. Saad Specialist Hospital is constantly on the lookout for those people who can share their abilities and help us work towards an exciting future. In turn, we can promise a working environment full of challenges and opportunity.


In order to attract an international highly skilled workforce, Saad Specialist Hospital provides an array of attractive benefits. Depending on the package that a successful candidate qualifies for, these include (but are not limited to):

  • Attractive salaries.
  • Bonus upon completion of contract.
  • Mobilization and annual air-tickets to and from home country.
  • Housing accommodation
  • Daily transport to and from work.

Saad Specialist Hospital employs local professionals as liaison officers, who utilize their local knowledge to help integrate new employees into the Saad Specialist Hospital family. Saad Specialist Hospital’s Employee Relations Department also puts a human face on all of the activities that take place when new employees join the organization and works to build the sense of community that defines the Hospital and helps make it such a rewarding place to live, work, and to learn.


Saudi Arabia is a young nation with an ancient history. As befits the cradle of Islam, and Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Islam; it is the basic Islamic values that continue to inform Saudi culture. Indeed, virtually every Saudi is deeply religious and the spirit of Islam is not incidental, but is an integral part of life. A country of modesty and tradition, for many, Saudi Arabia provides a fascinating experience for them and their families.

As with its home nation, so too with Saad Specialist Hospital, which is firmly founded on the Islamic principles of ethics, honesty, integrity, and equity.
Saad Specialist Hospital is home to, and boasts a very extensive spectrum of nationalities and cultures within the ranks of its employees. This has helped forge a unique and dynamic atmosphere, which sets Saad Specialist Hospital apart from other organizations. It also has allowed the Hospital to further excel in terms of the service it can provide to its patients, who are also diverse in their origins. It is a source of pride that Saad Specialist Hospital’s international patients can be cared for in their mother tongue, helping to put them and their families at as much ease as possible.


Saudization is a national policy that aims to enable more Saudi nationals to participate in skilled employment within their community. By establishing closer links between the requirements of the labor market and the national education and training systems, the policy is helping to ensure that a growing number of Saudis are equipped for the modern working world.

Saad Specialist Hospital keenly subscribes to the Saudization development plan. It undertakes extensive promotional activities (such as Career Days at KFUPM University) with the aim of encouraging many more Saudi graduates to pursue an exciting career with Saad Specialist Hospital.

If you are interested in working at Saad Specialist Hospital, kindly use the correspondent email address from the table below to send us your CV:

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